A Roadmap for RTI Part 3

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash As with any important journey, several factors need to be taken into consideration when using the RTI Roadmap: What’s our destination? What’s our starting point? Who’s “driving” (the change or desired outcome)? Who’s with us on the trip? This roadmap will provide guidance while enabling educators to make midcourse adjustments and bring … More A Roadmap for RTI Part 3

A Roadmap for RTI Part 2

With a cohesive, coordinated, RTI-based system of supports, targeted intervention supplements—it does not replace—the general education, or Tier 1 program of instruction. Student response to intervention is used to determine further course of action. If students respond to intervention, supports are continued until gaps are eliminated. If students do not respond in a timely manner, … More A Roadmap for RTI Part 2

A Roadmap for RTI Part 1

While RTI represents a systematic set of supports for all students – one of the most highly-effective researched-based practices in which schools can engage, RTI entered the educational discourse most prominently from the reauthorization and amendment of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEA) in 2004. IDEA altered the landscape for schools. Whereas practitioners … More A Roadmap for RTI Part 1

Assessment (Test) is a Not a Four-Letter Word

Educators have also become jaundiced about a critical but complicated topic in the teaching-learning process – assessment. RTI-based practices require evidence and yet we face a paradox – we believe that we assess too much, but we do not possess the information required to inform our work. We feel that we do not have time … More Assessment (Test) is a Not a Four-Letter Word

Time, Ideology, and Every Student Reading

One of the most common questions we hear in regard to Response to Intervention is, “When can we find the time to provide students support?” One possible set of solutions is provided below, but first remember: These structures will not be effective unless there is a culture that enthusiastically embraces the fact that all students … More Time, Ideology, and Every Student Reading

Making RTI Work

I have been fortunate enough to work at, and with, exceptional schools, school districts, and school divisions, and have observed practices in schools, districts, and divisions that have greatly contributed to positive cultures. Schools and school leaders who have successfully led RTI-based initiatives have demonstrated a respect for change. Change creates anxiety because we fear … More Making RTI Work

RTIII – Response to Instruction and Intervention Innovatively

Whether it’s “RTI” or “RTII” (Response to Intervention and Instruction), the acronym is more than just a popular buzzword. It is a substantive reality in the districts, schools, and classrooms of today. Some claim to have been “doing RTI” for years now, and others believe it’s an extant concept that we must figure out how … More RTIII – Response to Instruction and Intervention Innovatively

Social AND Academic Behaviors – The Next Frontiers

Student behavior may be the single most important topic with which educators are currently struggling. Make no mistake: students can behave well, they want to behave well, and behavior and academics are inextricably linked. Students with lower levels of academic readiness often exhibit their frustration through inappropriate social behaviors; inappropriate social behaviors can compromise students’ … More Social AND Academic Behaviors – The Next Frontiers

Mathematics as a Civil Right

“Mathematics rightly viewed, possesses not only truth, but supreme beauty.” – Bertrand Russell A Civil Right Mastery of mathematics is evading many of our students; an appreciation for mathematics is evading many more. Students and many educators have experienced anxiety or frustration with mathematics. Comfort and confidence with mathematics have been compromised by experiences dependent … More Mathematics as a Civil Right